Welcome to Calvert Capital Management, LLC

Calvert Capital Management, LLC is an independent professional money management firm located in Birmingham, Alabama.  Independence gives us freedom to stick with what we know best– value investing, in all industries no matter what outside market forces prevail.
Our focus is simple;

 Managing moneyAt Calvert Capital Management our only business is managing money. We are not affiliated with any Investment Bank, Brokerage Firm, Insurance Company, Bank or other financial service provider that may result in conflicts of interest. Our independence and style allows us to focus on the long-term goals of our clients.

In addition, Calvert Capital Management does not serve as custodian for client’s assets. We  work with the client’s  custodian or we will recommend the services of Ameritrade. This type of relationship helps avoid any custodial conflicts of interest and the client has the comfort of knowing that two parties are involved with overseeing their assets.

• Client Service-  At Calvert Capital Management there are no layers  of investment decision makers for the client to deal with. Every client has direct access to the portfolio managers that are involved in our investment process. 

We believe that money managers should constantly maintain communication with their clients. Our clients can expect customized quarterly reports (or more frequently), annual, quarterly or as needed personal meetings and  updates by email and phone.  The service and communications our clients receive are tailored to meet their needs.

• Standard of Ethics–
At Calvert Capital Management we strictly adhere to the AIMR’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. The Code and Standards require investment professionals to act with integrity, practice in a professional and ethical manner, exercise  independent professional judgment,  and put client’s interest before their own.

Calvert Capital Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor in the state(s) of Alabama and Louisiana and our services may not be available in all states. Our eligibility to conduct a limited amount of business in states that we are registered in is based on jurisdiction specific de minimus exemptions.

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Email: info@calvertcapital.com